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Silva Tae Kwon Do and Martial Arts - Santa Clara
Tiny Tigers Kids Program Teens & Adults Program Summer Camp Program

Welcome to Silva Martial Arts In Santa Clara

Our Dojang Mission Statement

Silva Martial Arts is a single-location, family-owned studio, so students get highly personalized instruction. Our facility has a very intimate ambience, perfect for our personalized style of teaching. It is a highly respectful environment, and there is a strong emphasis on developing confidence, self-discipline, courtesy, and perseverance along with the physical TKD skills. We strive to build champions in life, and to prepare our students to be leaders with unlimited success. We know that if you try your best at anything you do, keep positive, and have perseverance, the results will show! We do not focus on a gold medal, instead we focus on discipline, and respect. These are all important components of being good role models at home, at school, and in our community. Martial Arts is not about fighting and winning gold medals... it is about being a well rounded person with dignity and respect for oneself and others.

Silva Martial Arts is certified by both the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and by USA Tae Kwon Do. This highest level of certification means that a black belt you earn at Silva Martial Arts will be recognized anywhere in the world. This also means you can enter any National, World, or Olympic competition if qualified. We are the home of many California State champions and National champions.

Testimonials From Current Students


Cameron is very excited about the party and is looking forward to sharing the studio experience with his friends. He is really enjoying his time in your classes. I've been telling him for some at least two years that I thought he would like martial arts, but he needed to come to that decision on his own. When he attended Ethan's birthday party in the summer, he couldn't stop talking about it and was insistent that he wanted to take classes only at Silva Tae Kwon Do. That's quite a compliment! Thank you for everything!


Kelly Family

Tae Kwon Do Unites Nations - 11/23/2009 Seoul, South Korea

On November 19, 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak met to discuss the alliance between their nations. At the meeting, President Lee Myung-Bak presented President Barack Obama with an honorary black belt and dobok from the Kukkiwon in South Korea, the world headquarters of Tae Kwon Do. The dobok was personalized with President Obama’s name embroidered on the chest and the belt, and a patch on the right arm of the dobok with both countries’ flags. President Obama previously practiced Tae Kwon Do in downtown Chicago from 2001 to 2004, earning a high blue belt. He states that he enjoys the martial art, but had to discontinue training due to lack of time.

At the meeting, South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak demonstrated a middle punch for President Obama. Then both presidents performed the Tae Kwon Do punch together, with perhaps President Obama having even better form than President Lee. One thing is certain, the martial art of Tae Kwon Do is yet again building strong relationships between the U.S. and South Korea by uniting the world through martial arts.