Color Belt Testing

To belt test, please fill out our online belt test application (above).  For K-12 students, we also require a parent/teacher form to be completed (above).

What are the belt stripes?

For students 12 and under, three belt stripes are required to test: yellow (kicks), green (forms), and red (blocks/one steps).  These stripes are part of a pre-testing system, designed to ensure that students do not attempt a test unless they are ready.  These stripes are earned at intervals during regular classes.

What if I miss a testing?

Make up tests are available if needed.  To schedule a make up test, simply select "Makeup" under the "Testing Date" section of the belt test application.

What if I need extra help?

If you aren't earning the stripes you need, or if you feel behind in general, try:

  • Coming in early.  We are available for 15-20 minutes before classes start each day, and can sometimes be available after class.

  • Scheduling private lessons through one of our instructors.

  • Asking for help.  If you need to make up test for a stripe, or if you have other questions, please speak with an instructor.

(Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)

Black Belt Testing


Black belt tests occur twice per year.  This is because students with red and red sr. belts must wait a mandatory six months between belt tests, due to the sheer amount of material that a student needs to know.

For black belt testing, students must speak with an instructor 1-3 months prior in order to complete the application process.​  Regular attendance is also required.

(Mar & Sep)