Color Belt Testing

(Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)

To belt test, please fill out our online belt test application (above). For K-12 students, we also require a parent/teacher form to be completed (above).

What are the belt stripes?

For students 12 and under, three belt stripes are required to test: yellow (kicks), green (forms), and red (blocks/one steps). These stripes are part of a pre-testing system, designed to ensure that students do not attempt a test unless they are ready. These stripes are earned at intervals during regular classes.

What if I miss a testing?

Make up tests are available if needed. To schedule a make up test, simply select "Makeup" under the "Testing Date" section of the belt test application.

What if I need extra help?

If you aren't earning the stripes you need, or if you feel behind in general, try:

Black Belt Testing

(Mar & Sep)

Black belt tests occur twice per year. This is because students with red and red sr. belts must wait a mandatory six months between belt tests, due to the sheer amount of material that a student needs to know.

For black belt testing, students must speak with an instructor 1-3 months prior in order to complete the application process. Regular attendance is also required.