Our Programs

We offer serious competitive training, but also serve students that are interested in TKD for fun, fitness, or self defense. Whatever reason you are looking to join the martial arts, we will help you accomplish your goals!


Tiny Tigers

3-5 Years Old

This is the ideal program to prepare your child to do well in school. We use the fun and respectful environment of martial arts to teach social skills, motor skills, and important school behavior like following directions and teamwork.

You will be amazed by what your child can achieve at this early age. Plus, they'll have a great time along the way!

tiny tigers


6-12 Years Old

This is an exciting, and structured class perfect for young students. In the beginners class, your child will start with basics like proper stretching, blocks, kicks, and strikes. From there, they will graduate to more advanced techniques as they climb through the ranks into the intermediate class and the advanced class. Our instructors emphasize self control, respect, and good listening... and we have fun hitting stuff too!


Teens & Adults

12 Years and Above

Join an encouraging team environment, and learn valuable self defense skills. Enjoy body conditioning along the way, with an exciting variety of exercises and cardio. Taekwondo is a great way to challenge yourself and meet new friends!

Have an injury? We emphasize personal best, and can help adjust your workout to fit your needs and abilities.